David W


I have known Dick Rigby for several years in a professional capacity. He has always treated me with respect, provided excellent counselling services which have assisted me greatly both personally and professionally. Dick calls upon a vast range of experience to treat his clients and personally I firmly believe that he has the client’s best interests in mind when he provides advice and counselling.


Peter C


I am most impressed with the depth of Dick’s knowledge and experience. My wife and I had been having difficulties in our marriage for several years. Things had been going from bad to worse. Dick was able to teach us how to listen to each other and connect properly. It took us a while to learn these new skills. Once we had mastered them, we were able to communicate without fighting. It has made the world of difference to our marriage and to the happiness of our children.


Annie Woodland


I am a mother of two young children. My husband has had a drinking problem for a long time. When he’s sober, he is reasonably okay. When he is drinking, he just disconnects from the family. I had been struggling with what to do to manage the situation. Dick was able to help me because of his long experience in treating people with alcohol problems. He gave me strategies for how to draw the line. I am not out of the woods yet, but at least I am much clearer about what the problem is and what to do about it. Dick has been very helpful and supportive.


Adrian Jones


Dr Rigby is a highly experienced clinician who is focus on personal development and growth. He is very caring and understanding, genuinely listens to your concerns and challenges you to achieve personal growth. Dealing with challenging circumstances is never easy, but Dr Rigby has helped me see the world in a more positive way and to see options I could not see before. If you are genuine about personal growth and healing. I highly recommend Dr Rigby


Veronica Bridgeman


Dick’s experience and support helped me to find a new direction


Michael McC


I was at the end of my tether at work. I had this boss who kept bullying me. He was causing me great stress. I had put in a complaint, but it seemed to do no good. I saw Dick Rigby and he gave me strategies for standing up for myself. It hasn’t been an easy journey, but the workplace bullying has now ended. Without the strategies that Dick helped me with, I think that I would still be the putting up with continually being put down. I can highly recommend Dick in a situation like mine.


Angie Dougdale


I can categorically say that Dick has enhanced my life and has been instrumental in helping me make positive changes. I, without hesitation, recommend him to anyone who wants to make improvements to their life, relationships and careers.


Cat Talion


I sought out Richard Rigby after reading his book. I have seen a number of counsellors and psychologists over the years and I have found Richard to be outstanding. He really gets it. I have struggled with lack of confidence and inner criticism, particularly with music, and addictive behaviour for many years. Thanks to Richard, I am finally developing understanding of these issues, and tools and strategies to overcome them. His sessions have helped me stop drinking for the first time in years. I am extremely grateful!


Max Ives


I have had a great experience with dick he helped me get out of my rut and find the confidence to go back to university and get a job.


L Monforte


Dick Rigby is absolutely a gentleman. He has helped me make so many positive changes in my life which have made me a more understanding and better person.

I will forever be grateful for the cycle he has helped me get out of and I cannot speak more highly of him.


Aedin Holzknecht


All in all, counselling with Richard was a very positive experience. He is wise, kind and understanding, and was able to help me see things I had not seen hitherto.


Paul Mason


Dick Rigby has helped my wife and I resolve the difficulties we have had in our relationship. It has not been an easy path but that is part of the process, for each of us to understand ourselves first to be able to understand and empathise with each other. Thanks…


Edwina Williamson


Dick is very skilled and experienced. He has given me a lot of support and comfort during our sessions. I have family and friends who see him, and he is always respectful and honest. I truly appreciate my time with Dick.


Sonya MacD


We have been visiting Dr Richard for a year now and found it to be great to talk to a professional in a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Richard has years of experience and can see things from other sides. I would recommend Dr Rigby to talk through any issues. I visited with my son and stayed for most session (or hubby did if I was unavailable). We have always had a good experience with expert experience and left with food for thought.


Trudie Brooks


I have been seeing Richard for several years now and have always found him to be not only insightful but completely professional. He has assisted and supported me whilst I made major changes in my life always providing honest and realistic feedback. Showing me both sides of a situation whilst teaching me tools that can be applied to my everyday life. I have nothing but positive things to say and would highly recommend him. Thanks Richard!




I have been a client of Dick Rigby’s for just over 2 years now and my life has improved dramatically. Coming out of every single session with Dick, I feel as though something has been achieved.

His years of experience and knowledge are evident throughout the session. I always feel like there is purpose and focus to our conversations. He approaches therapy holistically and tries to set you up long term.

In hearing my struggles, he has only ever been empathetic. I know I can be totally honest with him and he cares about what I have to say.

It seems clear that he wants the best for me, and he works hard to provide me with the insight and tools to control and improve my life. Personally, I have found his efficacy to be amazing.


Jay Fiona


I came to see Dick when I was going through a challenging time after being recommended by both my Dr who said he was very caring and several colleagues who said he was an exceptional Psychologist.

Dick’s consulting room overlooks rainforest so much more peaceful to be in than the typical medical rooms. He was warm, empathetic and I straight away felt welcome.

Dick has been a Psychologist for something like 40 years and his experience and wisdom were evident from the start. He was astute to the challenges I was facing and his suggestions were just spot on when I tried them out. He empowered me to make different choices and to change the way I dealt with challenges in my life.

As I went through this difficult time it makes all the difference to know that someone ‘had my back’ and genuinely wanted to see me get through it stronger and happier. I could tell he actually cared. 

Over the years I have gone to see him several more times when facing challenges and each time, seeing him has helped enormously.

My life is better because of him. 

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