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Sounds of health

2008: Please note that I am not running the "Singing for Fun & Healing" workshops at the moment, but I still help people in individual sessions."Toning" has been used as a healing tool for many hundreds of years in various cultures throughout the world. It has...

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Conquering butterflies

Most people wish that they could sing well. There are very few people who wouldn't like to improve the quality of their singing voice. Even professional singers are interested in further improving their voices. So many times I have heard people say "I would love to be...

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We hear so much today about the importance of the family and how modern society is leading to the breakdown of family life. It is true that there are more pressures on families in our rapidly changing society. It also seems to be true that more and more families have...

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Busting with anger

"Article by Dick Rigby" © Copyright Reprinted from "The Goodlife" Magazine March 1996. "Busting" is a word used by alcoholics to describe "getting back on the grog". It refers to returning to the pattern of addictive behaviour. Just as alcoholics are addicted to...

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Dear Dick Articles

“The Local Bulletin” is a monthly newspaper that is distributed throughout the western suburbs of Brisbane, Australia. In February 1998 I met Barry Searle, the editor of “The Local Bulletin”.  He asked me to write a “Dear Dick” column answering readers queries.  I was delighted and took on the task with enthusiasm. 

After some time, I changed the format from answering letters to writing articles on some psychological topic that I thought readers would be interested in. From 1998 the “Dear Dick” column has been a regular feature.

In 2006 I decided to compile all the articles into one resource and publish it on the web for the benefit of all. This is the result. All articles are copyright, but may be reproduced without permission providing acknowledgement of the author is given.

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